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Drinking Skeptically – Rockville Edition

Thursday, June 14
5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

World of Beers
196B E Montgomery Ave
Rockville, md 20850 US

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Organized by:
Center for Inquiry–DC (CFI–DC)


RSVP CUT-OFF TIME NOTE: The RSVP cut-off time has changed to 24-hours before the event. This gives the host a head-count for reserving a table or seats at the bar.

RSVP COUNT NOTE: “The more the merrier!”, however the RSVP maximum count is limited to 10 as it is difficult to make reservations for large groups without making special arrangements. The minimum RSVP count is set at 4 (the host and three additional attendees). If there are less than 3 additional RSVPs by the RSVP cut-off time the host reserves the right to cancel the event.

GROUP NOTE: We’re a group of people who are atheist, agnostic, secularist, secular humanists, etc., who are just regular people who don’t believe in any gods. Proselytizers are not welcome and we don’t offer a debate-type atmosphere. Just a social gathering of non-religious types of folks.

This event typically occurs the second Thursday of the month.

World of Beers (here (https://www.google.com/maps/place/World+of+Beer/@39.0841256,-77.1508424,19.53z/data=!3m1!5s0x89b7cd75162e960d:0xa5fd3ebea9fc86b0!4m19!1m13!4m12!1m3!2m2!1d-77.1897528!2d39.1420777!1m6!1m2!1s0x89b7cd753afd9dd5:0xd0843ae7f06d99a2!2s198+E+Montgomery+Ave,+Rockville,+MD+20850!2m2!1d-77.1506834!2d39.0840653!3e0!3m4!1s0x89b7cd753ed9c391:0x29f004a939cc9109!8m2!3d39.0842215!4d-77.1502923)) about 0.2 miles from the Rockville Metro & MARC Station. The address for World of Beers is misleading, it is located across the street from Ben & Jerry’s and the Regal Cinemas Rockville Center 13.

Please ask the host for the ‘Drinking Skeptics’ meetup if you’re unable to locate our party.

Drinking Skeptically is an informal social event designed to promote fellowship and networking among skeptics, critical-thinkers, and like-minded individuals. Drinking Skeptically provides an opportunity for skeptics to talk, share ideas (and yes, drink) in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. We discuss the issues of the day and whatever else is on our minds. But most of all, we have fun while promoting skepticism, science, and rationality.

Don’t drink? Don’t let that stop you from joining us! Some of the world’s most famous skeptics are teetotalers, and we are happy to have you!

Remember that drinking skeptically means drinking responsibly. If there’s one thing science has taught us, it’s the effects of alcohol on the human body.

The area set aside be the establishment for our group is wheelchair accessible. The venue has no age restriction for the duration of our event.

CFI-DC encourages people with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing accommodations or have questions about physical access you may email jfkennedy65 [at] gmail [dot] com in advance of the event.